Thursday, April 24, 2014

Picnic and a Hike at Walden Pond

After living in the Boston area for 5 years, we finally spent an afternoon at Walden Pond. It's hard to believe that it took us this long to visit such a notable landmark that is practically in our backyard. It was a beautiful day, sunny and relatively warm, so we packed some picnic blankets and snacks and set out on our adventure.
The pond is just lovely, though given its history, it's a little strange how surrounded by civilization it is now. We picked a front row seat on the "beach", laid out our spread, and plopped down on the sand. The water was lapping at the shore just a few feet in front of us, the sun sparkling on the little waves. As this was a rather impromptu affair, it was a simple picnic, just an afternoon snack. We brought carrot sticks, kettle corn, apple slices with Big Spoon chocolate peanut butter spread (made with local Taza chocolate), and a thermos of hot tea with lemon wedges. Once we had our fill of snacks, we continued to sip hot tea, and I read some out of Walden (what else would you read at Walden Pond?).
Before heading home, we took a little hike around the water's edge past other sunbathers and fishermen. Don't you love how peaceful and beautiful lakes are? I'll choose a lakeside view over the ocean any day of the week.
And finally, we paid a visit to Thoreau himself, pondering life's great questions and poking our heads into the replica of his tiny house.
It was a lovely afternoon, and I know it will be a treasured memory for years to come!

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