Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gone To Texas (GTT)

Well folks, we made it to Texas! After weeks of farewells and preparing our home to be packed up and moved, we're finally here.

Thursday night, we went out one last time for a farewell dinner in Medford at a local favorite named Moulton's, or as we lovingly call it, "Old People Fish Place."  It's a family-owned place -- not fancy, but they serve fresh and delicious seafood. For one last time I ordered my favorite, the Haddock Parmesan.
Friday, movers came to pack up our apartment, our car was loaded onto a trailer for shipping, and we spent the night in an empty apartment. Saturday morning, we walked down to Paul Revere for breakfast, where I enjoyed one last Hash and Cheese Omelet (sometimes a little diner food really hits the spot). That afternoon we caught our flight out of town, though not before posting a "GTT" sign on our door like a couple settlers from the 1800's.
Now here we are, halfway across the country and halfway through our first week of work at new jobs. Leaving Boston was tough, and I miss it already, but on the other hand, it's wonderful to be back home. Our families are within driving distance (in fact, we had an impromptu weeknight dinner with my parents last night). The grocery stores are stocked with local favorites that were impossible to find in Boston (Ranch Style Beans, more BBQ sauce than we could ever try, fresh tortillas, okra, varied fresh chiles and tomatillos, etc, etc, etc). 
There's TexMex on every other corner. Our favorite so far was our first dinner in the Dallas area, only a couple hours after our plane landed, at Rio Bravo in Plano. If you pay them a visit, by all means get one of their margaritas, as the rims are lined with the most amazing chili salt that you'll ever taste. It's a top secret blend made in house, and it's perfect with the tangy and slightly sweet margaritas.
And we're back amongst old friends who we've missed! This weekend we're visiting two of our favorite people on the planet, Jimmy and Laura, for adventures out on Canyon Lake. I can't wait! I also can't wait to share with you all of our Texas adventures as we explore our new home. Yee haw!

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