Sunday, December 16, 2012


Just a quick update on things up here in the Northeast. Christmas is right around the corner, our shopping is almost done, and I can hardly believe it, but we head home to Texas on Wednesday. I can't wait!

1) Things are pretty frosty around here in the mornings (and in the afternoon too for that matter).
2) Friday night we attended our first Christmas party of the season, a White Elephant gift exchange hosted by fellow Texans Kevin and Andrea. The party was complete with festive decor, twinkly lights, wintry sangria, lots gift stealing (it's all in good fun, right?), and even some lotto ticket scratching (Kevin was $15 richer at the end of the evening).
3) My husband looks adorable in a Santa hat. And yes, I'm rocking a snowman mock turtleneck.
4) We took an airplane adventure on Saturday afternoon, this time to the booming metropolis of Keene, NH.
5) The Keene Airport actually has an Indian restaurant attached to it. This is anything but your usual airport fare.
6) The Lamb Vindaloo was wonderfully spicy, and the garlic naan was loaded with a ridiculous amount of garlic (probably not the best for a first date, but it's pretty great when you've got a guy hooked for the long haul).
7) I'm really enjoying this English Breakfast Tea from our trip to London this past summer
8) I worked from home all day Sunday to prepare for a big meeting coming up this week. That wasn't so fun, but my husband got us Five Guys cheeseburgers for dinner, so that helped.

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