Saturday, December 8, 2012

Medford Winter Farmers Market

Exciting things are going on in Medford, y'all! This past Thursday evening, we checked out the first ever Medford Winter Farmer's Market. Previously, the market would close up in October not to be seen again until June, requiring us to drive over to the Somerville Winter Farmers Market, with it's painful lack of parking,  if we wanted fresh, local foods in the winter months. But no more!
The market is a cozy little affair in the Medford Square Hyatt Place Hotel parking garage. I know it sounds weird, but it works well enough. It's out of the wind and cold, and there's plenty of room to wander around admiring the different wares. It's less expansive than Somerville's (which is admittedly pretty awesome despite the lack of parking), but the ease of access is worth its weight in gold. There were vendors selling local cheeses,wine,  grass-fed meats, fresh eggs, local honey, baked goods, produce, and even handmade pastas and raviolis! 

We came away with quite a haul: a couple boxes of ravioli, some spinach, acorn squash (to be roasted with some Vermont Maple Cream we have stashed in the fridge), cranberries, honey, and some eggs. I'm so excited to have something like this in town finally!

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