Monday, April 1, 2013

Breakfasting in Medford

Probably due to my small town upbringing, I love the sense of community and quality found in little "mom and pop" shops.  The Boston area is chock full of them, and nationwide chains are largely absent, which is pretty fantastic (except for those times I would give my right arm for some fried chicken). While Medford isn't as bustling as Somerville or Cambridge, it shouldn't be overlooked. Medford has lots of hidden gems.  In fact, we found another one this weekend!

Saturday morning, on our way to spend the weekend with friends in Porstmouth, NH, we decided to try Donuts with a Difference.   I must have driven or walked past their shop a hundred times and never once noticed it. It's just a tiny unassuming glass-window store front, squeezed between a smoke shop and a dry cleaners. Inside, a glass counter is lined with trays of freshly made donuts and a few muffins, and there's a narrow bar-top along the back of the shop where you can enjoy your breakfast while catching up on the local gossip. We got half a dozen for the road: two chocolate glaze, two chocolate cake, and two honey dipped (is this "New England" for a glaze donut?).
When my husband bit into his first donut (despite his best intentions, he ate three), a look of complete bliss washed over his face.  I'm not exaggerating. This is a man of few words, yet he couldn't stop gushing. Now y'all, I don't even like donuts, but after that reaction, I had to have a taste. The honey dipped were airy and light, spongy and warm, and perfectly sweet. The box was polished off in no time. These folks in their little no-frills donut shop are the real deal. The "difference" is obviously a local shopkeeper who cares about their product and their community.

Also, don't miss out on Mystic Coffee Roaster, right across the street. Because what's a donut without coffee?  They're brewing up their own locally roasted beans, so you're getting a fresh, quality cup of coffee.

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