Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wintry Weather

Brrr! This week brought wintry weather down to Texas, and, weirdly, it's been such a treat! I hated the long Boston winters, but there are things that go along with the season that I really enjoy. Things like warm beverages, simmering stews on the stovetop, and the sight of snow falling. This wintry blast gave us just a taste of cold weather, an excuse to partake in the enjoyable accoutrements, without feeling the need to linger for 6 months. After all, it's going to be in the 60s this weekend!

Sunday night, a pretty dusting of snow fell on our little house and yard. As it snowed, we snuggled up on the couch in cozy pajamas with a good fire going in the fireplace...our very first fire in our very first fireplace!
Meanwhile, Charlie, terrified of the fire, curled up between us, trusting us to protect him from the fire breathing monster in the wall. His fear of the fireplace was only matched by his love of the powdery white stuff in the backyard. He had the best time exploring "the frozen tundra" and playing in the snow. Here's our intrepid explorer!
We've sipped on mugs of Hot Apple Ginger Toddies, my favorite winter beverage, and I had an excuse to buy a pretty new coat -- this fanastic Paddington Bear-esque toggle coat from Old Navy (my New England parka is a bit overkill around here).
(Photos from The Kitchn, Old Navy)
Finally, the cold weather has helped ease our Boston homesickness a little bit. As much as we love our new home, we find ourselves wistfully missing our old stomping grounds. Now if only we could find some legit Italian food and a good lobster roll, we would be all set!

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