Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crafts for the Kitchen

I love craft projects. Yet, every summer I lose interest.  I start thinking about traveling, being outdoors, grilling with a cold beer, picnics, gardening, having friends over for cookouts -- basically anything not involving sitting on a couch beside my sewing bag.

However, each fall I begin to get this itch. You know the one, right? It's an itch to create something. An itch to hunker down with a project and labor over it until I have something lovely to show for it.

As fall begins to creep up on us with its gentle sunshine, crisp mornings and chilly evenings, and chameleon leaves, let's grab a cup of hot tea and peruse some projects we would like to tackle. What better place to start than projects for the kitchen?

Cocktail Napkins - How perfect are these for a dinner party? Or a bridal or baby shower? Or a garden party? Or brunch with the girls? Depending on what fabric you choose, the possibilities could be endless.

Window Treatments - I think this is the most fun idea. You could even make a couple different treatments and switch them out during the year.

Family Recipe Tea Towels - I was recently given an old tin full of handwritten recipes that belonged to my husband's grandmother. It's absolutely priceless.  Many of the recipe cards are tattered and beginning to fade, but you can still read her handwriting (including one for how to boil spaghetti). When I saw these kitchen towels made from family recipe cards, I knew I had to try it with some of Nana's recipes. Wouldn't that be such a special gift for the other women in the family?

Embroidered Mason Jar Lids - As a Texan girl, I love making homemade salsas. Roasted tomatillo is my favorite, but I also love to make habanero hot sauce, salsa with raw or roasted tomatoes, and even restaurant-style salsa with canned tomatoes. When my husband and I can resist eating a whole batch ourselves, jars of homemade salsa make great gifts for my New England friends, and how much cuter would one of those jars be with these adorable embroidered lids? I have to try this.

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