Friday, September 21, 2012

Davis Square

Alright, I'm going to say it. I like Davis Square (in Somerville, MA). It took me a while to get there, but it has happened.

First it was Diesel Cafe. I started going here with a friend to get hot apple cider (usually served in a pint glass, strangely enough) and lunch. The cider is so good that I almost cry when the warmer months come around and it disappears off the menu (this from a girl whose favorite season is summer). The food is light and fresh. The staff is almost weird enough to make me feel like I'm back in Austin. The coffee is good and full of caffeine (and they sell bags of  Intelligentsia). Their pots of Rooibos tea are perfect to share with a friend (or to hoard all for yourself). 

Next we happened upon the Somverville Theater during a special showing of James Bond movies on the original 35 mm film. How cool is that? I seriously can't find anything bad to say about a theater where you can buy beer AND ice cream to enjoy during the show!  And while we're talking about something non-food related, I also really love this quirky little shop, Davis Squared

(photo from Bosston Style blog)

When we finally ventured into Dave's Fresh Pasta it was all over. There is no easier dinner than a dozen of their fresh raviolis with one of their homemade sauces (and maybe a loaf of their super buttery garlic bread). The Arugula Almond Pesto with cheese ravioli is the stuff dreams are made of, but you can't go wrong with any choice here. And I could poke around in their grocery section for hours!

If you're a beer geek like us, look no further than the extensive tap and bottle list at Five Horses. For something a little nicer, sister restaurants The Painted Burro and  Posto are also pretty darn good, serving up highfalutin' Mexican food and wood-fired pizzas and pasta, respectively. Also, don't miss the housemade chili oil at Posto. *swoon* Once we entered the impossibly cool speakeasy atmosphere of Saloon and cuddled up in a corner booth with craft cocktails (the Pimm's Up is where it's at), I thought for sure we had finally found the last hidden gem in Davis Square.

There's still more though! Just last night, I went out to dinner with some awesome ladies, and we decided to try Flatbread, attached to Sacco's Bowl Haven. (We didn't get to bowl, but I think some candlepin bowling and a big cheesy pizza to share would make for a pretty fantastic date night) We tried four pizzas: the Kalua Pork, the Homemade Sausage, the Jimmy's Free-Range Chicken, and the Homemade Pepperoni and Mushroom.

My go to pizza topping combo is pepperoni and mushroom, so I was shocked when I actually didn't care for their homemade nitrate-free pepperoni. Maybe I like the nitrates?  Either way, my favorite was actually the Kalua Pork. Holy crap was it good. Big chunks of slow roasted pork shoulder with caramelized onions, goat cheese, and mozzarella made for one seriously delicious pizza. We practically licked the pie pan clean on that one.

Davis Square, I'm glad we're friends.

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