Friday, February 22, 2013

Adventures at Home: Drinks at Drink and Dining Out

When I got home from Taiwan, I needed some recuperation time. I went to bed early, didn't leave the house, stayed in my pajamas until about 3:00 in the afternoon, indulged in good ol' American comfort food (e.g. pizza, beans and cornbread), and saw no other human beings (other than my husband, who I had missed terribly).  Finally, after two full days of rest, I felt like a person again. When Monday rolled around we had the day off, and I was ready to go out on the town!

We started with cocktails at Drink, one of the best craft cocktail bars in the country (no really) where on the weekends there are lines down the street to get in the door. I'm an old woman at heart and hate crowds, so I'm going to tell you our secret. It's the best possible way to get the Drink experience without having to battle the rest of Boston for a bar stool. 
Go on a week night, and get there as soon as they open!  Now, this is a little tricky for those of us who work in the 'burbs, so when we have a Monday off, we jump at the chance to spend an afternoon at Drink, arriving at 4:00, right as the doors are opening. And it's amazing! You get a seat at the bar, and you have the almost undivided attention of some of the best bartenders in the country.  

There's no menu, so ordering is simple.  Just tell the bartender what you're in the mood for, say a gin cocktail that's a little citrusy, and they make you something.  Something wonderful. We watched as our favorite bartender, Ray, methodically and carefully made our drinks, a Bohemian and an Air Mail for me, and a classic Sazerac for my husband.  
Eventually the crowds began to pour in after work, so we paid our tab and made our way to Garden at the Cellar for dinner.  The restaurant is small and cozy and a little off the beaten path as it's halfway between Harvard and Central Square. We were seated quickly at one of their gleaming copper-top tables and  started with homemade tater tots, a favorite of my husband, and a generous pour of wine.  My stuffed chicken was served over swiss chard and wild rice. It was warm and comforting, just what I wanted for a blustery evening.  

You know, it's awfully fun to take foreign adventures, but adventures at home with the man you love are pretty nice too.

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