Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Host a Crafty Girl's Night

Sometimes you just need a night to hang out with the girls, whether it's for mani/pedis, a book club, a night out on the town, or a movie night with a bottle of wine. A couple years ago, a group of girlfriends and I realized that we all shared an interest in crafting.  A stroke of brilliance led to the idea of doing a Crafty Girl's Night every so often.  It's a great excuse to get together, catch up, work on a project, and share tips and ideas. We've found that a successful evening really boils down to 5 key things:

1) Crafty projects
Each guest brings their own project to work on, whether it be crochet, knitting, embroidery, jewelry making, cross-stitch, you name it. Here are a few on my to-do list:

2) Comfy seating
Whether it's arm chairs, a couch or two, ottomans, throw pillows and blankets on the floor, or any other seating option you can dream up, it's nice for each person to have a perch where they can settle in and comfortably work on their project.

3) Snacks
As far as I'm concerned (it's probably due to my Southern Baptist upbringing), you can't have a gathering of folks without having a good spread of food! Just try not to get crumbs in your yarn.

4) Gossip and a good selection of girly movies
A good dose of gossip and a girly movie playing in the background (preferably a favorite that everyone loves and has seen a million times because sometimes girl talk trumps movie dialogue) make any get-together more fun. Feel free to borrow some of my favorites:
1: Center Stage, 2: Julie & Julia, 3: Sabrina (the 1995 version, of course), 4: The Princess Bride, 5: The Cutting Edge, 6: Singin' in the Rain

5) Wine!
Last, but definitely not least, is wine. This one (decidedly not due to my Southern Baptist upbringing) is usually a must. However, there are plenty of other beverage options that could be fun: an assortment of hot teas, cocktails, sangria, hot cocoa, etc.

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