Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Hike Around Lower Mystic Lake

Not too far from our house is the Lower Mystic Lake. It's a beautiful, serene lake surrounded by lush greenery and trees. While it's not very large, you see folks boating, kayaking, fishing, hosting cookouts in little hidden spots along the water's edge, and hiking and biking around the water's edge. The funny thing is, it took us about a year to even realize this lake was there, as they're so surrounded by trees or little out of the way neighborhoods. This weekend we finally went for a little trek along the Lower Mystic Lake and then down to where it feeds into the Mystic River, which continues on a winding path through Medford. 
It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day without a cloud in the sky. If only Boston could be that nice year round! We followed little paths, worn down from foot and bike traffic over the years, to wherever they led us. We came upon a quiet little spot at the edge of the water, where we plopped down on a raised tree root to rest our feet,skip some stones, soak up the sunshine, and admire the view. I find lakes so peaceful and relaxing. 
Here we are, and while we're quite good looking, I think the water is probably the better view!
Eventually, we left our little perch and continued our walk, eventually arriving at the point where the lake feeds into the Mystic River. The water becomes shallower and greener, lilly pads clump together in little inlets, and tree branches hang low over the water. Walking paths continue along much of the river, and you can find large grassy areas dotted with sun bathers, dogs playing fetch, cyclists, couples strolling hand in hand, and shaded benches to take in the view.
I'm so glad to have discovered this right in our backyard, as it's a perfect way to spend a sunny weekend afternoon! Hopefully we'll get to enjoy a few more hikes in the area before the weather turns cold. Hopefully another sunny weekend is in store as the long Labor Day weekend approaches!

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