Thursday, August 15, 2013

Barismo Coffee Roasters

This weekend on our way home from lunch at Lone Star Taco Bar (yes, it's so good that we went two weeks in a row), we stopped in Arlington for an after lunch pick-me-up at Barismo, a local coffee roaster. They sell their beans at various spots around town (and even have a bike delivery service), and while we usually grab a bag when we see it on the shelf, this was our first visit to their "home"! They've recently expanded, enabling them to serve their coffee with a few tables inside and a patio out front.  
While they also offer espresso-based drinks, we opted for pourover coffee using V60 ceramic drippers. The barista carefully tested the water temperature and slowly poured over the freshly ground coffee in little concentric circles.  While she poured, we browsed the shelves of coffees, teas, and brewing equipment and took a peek at their roasting setup. Once it was ready, our coffee was served in cute mismatched mugs and saucers.
We took our mugs outside, as it was a beautiful day, and we made ourselves at home at one of their new patio tables, surrounded by planters of happy little yellow flowers. We sipped slowly, trying to enjoy the warm weather before summer gives way to chilly fall. 
Barismo is a small space that's not too much to look at, but if you want quality coffee brewed not 20 feet from where it's roasted, it is most definitely worth a trip to the suburbs. Thankfully for us, it's just a couple miles away!

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