Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Neillio's Turkey Terrific

As Thanksgiving draws closer, I've been craving one of my favorite sandwiches: the Turkey Terrific from Neillio's Gourmet Kitchen in Lexington. Though it's served year-round, it never seems right to order it until the holidays are drawing near. Neillio's is one of those places you might never notice driving by. Even when you step inside, it's not much to look at. There aren't even seats. But oh, the sandwiches!

Just be prepared for a bustling, slightly unorganized line. It's easiest if you know exactly what you want before you get there, because you need to be prepared to yell your order to one of the gentlemen behind the counter as soon as they look your way. Things move fast back there to keep the line moving.  And try to remember who took your order, because he'll be the one calling out the name of your sandwich when it's ready. This time of year when everyone's ordering the Turkey Terrific, you don't want to accidentally take someone else's! And since this is New England, be prepared for a little bit of friendly ribbing. Even though the guys are busy, they enjoy taking a few seconds to bust your chops if they can. 
Now, let's get down to the important stuff. The sandwich. While Neillio's serves hot entrees, soups, and sides, I've only tried the sandwiches, and this one is the best. Warm, soft french bread is sliced and spread with mayo and tart-sweet cranberry sauce. Thick slabs of freshly roasted turkey are piled on followed by the piece de resistance: a generous smear of warm, savory stuffing. If Ross' Thanksgiving leftover sandwich was this good, his outrage was most certainly justified ("You threw my sandwich away?! MY sandwich??")

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