Friday, November 15, 2013


Last  Friday afternoon, when my husband and I were leaving work we made a spontaneous decision to go out for a dinner date. Pretty crazy for people who like to plan their calendar at least two weeks in advance! So we set our course for Somerville's Union Square to finally try the much-talked-about German fare from Bronwyn. It's owned by chef Tim Wiechmann's who we're already a big fan of thanks to his first restaurant, T.W. Food
Outside a cold wind was blowing, but inside their heavy wooden front door it was warm and cozy. We were seated in their dining room at a table with fantastic throne-like chairs. We'll wait for a warmer day to enjoy their outdoor biergarten!
(Photo from Boston Eater, by Chris Coe)

We started with the Giant Haus Bretzel and mugs of German beer. The pretzel is appropriately named as it's quite giant (and quite delicious). It's served with sharp and pungent horseradish mustard -- probably great for horseradish lovers but a bit too much for me. 
For the main course, I got the jagerschnitzel and my husband got the sauerbraten. The schnitzel was two perfectly fried pork cutlets, crispy and buttery, topped with a celery root cream sauce, walnuts, and chanterelle mushrooms. It was fantastic, but the sauerbraten really stole the show. It's brisket braised in a vinegar sauce until it's fall apart tender, perfect for a cold evening!

It was a great date night and a great way to kick-off the three day weekend. I'm already looking forward to returning to try more German beers, their homemade wurst, and pretty much everything else on the menu.

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