Monday, March 31, 2014

My 10 Favorite Things in March

What a good little month March has been! Despite the lingering chilly weather and a dusting of snow, I'm starting to believe that spring is on its way! We had a couple of special visitors, we fired up the stove and cooked some memorable meals, we tried some new places around town, and I spent some quiet evenings at home crafting and reading. Here are some of my favorite moments this month!

1) Mom's Visit
She came to keep me company while my husband took a boy's trip to Dublin for St Patrick's Day. It was such a fun weekend and such a rare treat these days to get girl time alone with my mom!
I'm very lucky when it comes to in-laws. Mine are pretty great, and they're a lot of fun to go wine tasting with (pictured: Spicewood Vineyards)
It's such a treat to live down the road from dozens of cute little sugar shacks. Mom and I had a great time driving up to Milford, NH to visit Sammy's Sugar Shack.
St. Patrick's Day is such a good excuse to dust off my favorite Irish Soda Bread recipe, and it's even more fun when I get to bake with my mom! Who needs green beer when you have bread fresh out of the oven?
5) My First Antique Auction
Y'all, this is addictive. I already can't wait to go to another one! Mom and I had the best time at the Antique Co-Op and Auction House in Malden at one of their bi-weekly auctions! I came home with the prettiest lemonade glasses and a rotating vanity stool that I snagged for a mere $15!
 6) My Husband's French Silk Pie
Thank goodness for Pi Day and for a husband who likes baking! And thank goodness for whoever created the French Silk Pie!
 7) Crafting
It's been a while since I started a new craft project, so it felt good to get out the needle and embroidery floss again. I love working with lovely fabrics from Sew Fine Fabric!
One of the tricks in my arsenal for beating the winter blues involves roasting tomatoes and pretending it's summer (it's basically blatant denial). The colorful tomatoes along with the bright lemon and the tangy goat cheese are a good shot in the arm when it's still dreary and gray outside.
9) Re-reading Dandelion Wine
One of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors. Beautiful writing, and you can't help but feel like it must be summer outside.
10) Philip's Visit
There's something special about childhood friends. I've known Philip almost as long as I can remember, and I was so tickled when he decided to take a bus up from Manhattan to pay us a visit! We had a great time catching up, visiting Salem, touring Taza Chocolate, and dining out around town (the highlight was a tapas dinner at Casa B in Union Square)

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